Franklin University Commencement
Invocation and Benediction


Ahh!! Soon to step up these stairs to Graduate.: It has been step by step has it not? Blessings!

We gather here with you and unite in prayerful energy to our Creator God who is with you in faith and brings you to this moment.

Let us all unite in joy with administration, faculty, family, friends, our city and our world and help each other graduate from fear, loss, anxiety and step up to peace and understanding.

I ask you to pause and imagine a place you hope to be a place of peace…family, community, world…what you might choose…

And Let us pray…

Living God, among us today. Renew Us! With these soon to be graduates, make us channels of your peace.
Where there is hatred…let us sow your love,
Where there is injury, your pardon.
Where there is doubt, true faith in you.
Dwell among as we celebrate the achievements of these
Franklin University Students… graduate into renewed
life, joy, peace…Amen


Congratulations and may God always bless you and keep you—you who have made great sacrifices to be here today…
May God’s face shine upon you.
May you find strength, the consolation of home and companionship in family, place of employment, as you live out your talents and careers.

May you be blessed with a sense of humor, resiliency and come back should you struggle and fail at something;

May you be blessed with character that is long-lasting, sustaining and rewarded with peace, joy, love, honesty and integrity.

And may you be gifted with companions on the journey.

May this University continue to be blessed with students like you who give it life and purpose. Amen.

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