The Downtowners creates and participates in seminars on campuses and in the community periodically.  At Columbus State, for example, a seminar for the Student Ambassadors focused on how reaching out to the needs of others enhances mental, physical and spiritual Health.  Along with Dr. O’Shaughnessy, two students serving with the Downtowners and a psychologist were presenters at this three-hour session.  An Interfaith Panel also included persons representing the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith traditions along with an astronomist who is a non-theist.

In the Body-Soul Connection:  How Reaching Out to the Suffering and Needs of Others Enhances Mental and Spiritual Health students who include service to others as they pursue their educational degrees learn first hand how they are rewarded and energized.  Stress is lessened for them as they experience what others go through in their respective struggles.  One business student said, “To see so many people who look like me, have similar backgrounds as I do, who just happen to be down on their luck, walking with grace and dignity, and so appreciative of a helping hand and kind words…it fills my heart with joy. This is the love of God!”