Mission Trips

Mission Trips create ways to make a difference in students’ lives. The Downtowners’ Mission Trip with the Mt. Carmel College of Nursing to Washington, D.C. provided ways to experience the effects of poverty through direct service in D.C. and Maryland; to learn about domestic and international policies that surround issues of poverty through a week long Methodist Seminar; to interact with Ohio lawmakers on Capitol Hill; to visit the famous Smithsonian, our nation’s treasure.

Students’ lives were changed and enriched when education was coupled with direct experience. “This trip was very eye opening,” one student said. “I had a completely different view of those in poverty and of immigrants. I thought it was their fault that they were poor…I learned how wrong I was…anyone can become homeless and I shouldn’t blame them for their misfortunes.” Another student said she always knew poverty was a problem but had never seen it where she grew up. “Coming to D.C. not only have we witnessed poverty, but we have talked with, seen he faces and serviced the poor,” which has touched my heart. “I am thankful that I have been given a chance to see more ways to get myself involved and help others.”