Student Disciples in the City

Student Disciples in the City offers students opportunities for outreach and service to the homeless as well as the residential and working poor through Holy Family Soup Kitchen, the Community Kitchen, Faith Mission, Lawrence Haven Food Pantry, the United Methodist Free Store, the Church in the Garden, the Dominican Learning Center and Bethlehem on Broad Street. As one student remarked around the gifts she received in giving to others: “Today at the Methodist Free Store, I was stationed at the children’s table. Since it is winter, the Free Store provided only winter clothing in the store…On this particular cold day, I was touched by the homeless customer who thanked me for my hard work and (said) that the Free Store ministry was a blessing to the community,” making a huge difference in people’s lives. “I was touched and happy to have this opportunity to help and be a part of this ministry. It forces me to think about others and reflect on my life and serves as a reminder of all the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon me.”

The Student in the City program educates students to the needs of others by their visiting with Directors and Staff of Holy Rosary/St. John’s Community Kitchen on South Ohio and Friends of the Homeless to learn about their operations and services to clients. The second part of the program involves inviting a panel of residential, street and working poor to the university for lunch and conversation around themes of struggle and resources needed and sometimes available, such as legal help to transition from shelters to independent living. Shared prayer is part of the gathering both before and after conversation.